Café China interior
Café China interior
Café China interior
Café China interior
Café China interior

In search of deliciously authentic Chinese food? Seeking someplace cozy for a drink or small bite? Looking for a spot for a special night out? Need a quick, satisfyingly spicy lunch? Casual dinner with a big group? We got you.

This is the new Café China 傾國傾城 by co-owners Yiming Wang and Xian Zhang: three levels of a 1930s brick building on a bustling Midtown block have been wholly reimagined to suit your every mood. The restaurant’s menu boasts new and longtime-favorite Sichuan dishes, as well as unique and traditional cuisine from other regions in China—food for any occasion that we welcome you to enjoy in a space that’s both elegant and warm, beautiful and inviting, intimate and vibrant.

You might eat too many red chili peppers.
Your friends might make you laugh too hard.
You might spend hours having dim sum and people-watching.
You might read a book that makes you cry.
You might eat something delicious you’ve never tried before.
You might argue with your sister over a plate of spicy cumin lamb.
You might drown your heartbreak in cup after cup of hot tea.
You might fall in love.
You might never want to leave.

Anything can happen at Café China. Meet us there?